Beautifully backlit pre-wedding shoot in Cirencester

My 2017 wedding package includes a complimentary pre-wedding shoot. I have several reasons for including an awesome pre-wedding shoot in my wedding package. One of the main reasons, is to spend some time with you, getting to know you as a couple and the other reason, is to get you familiar with my ‘way of shooting’. ‘Way of shooting?’ I hear you say, ‘Do you not just put us in a pretty park and ask us to do an awkward pose and take our photo?’….Uh….no no no no!!!! That is not how I work at all. Pretty poses in pretty parks may look lovely but that is not what I’m after. I’m really striving to capture ‘authentic emotionally rich‘ moments between you, moments that give the viewer a little glimpse into your relationship spark and your connection as a couple. And yea, it’s easier said that done as everyone knows the minute you tell people to relax, they don’t and the minute you tell them to ‘ignore you’ they are more aware of you than ever. So, unless i stalk you in the park, I have to have a creative way of enticing and capturing these authentic moments. How you ask? Aha….Book a shoot with me and find out ☺️☺️ ☺️

Anyway, in all seriousness, my shoots are super fun and relaxed. 99% of my couples arrive and often say phrases such as ‘we are not photogenic at all’ or we are not camera people at all’ or ‘we much prefer more natural non posed shots’ or ‘we are sooooo awkward in front of the camera’. Those same couples are the gorgeous couples that are displayed all over my web site looking relaxed, natural and emotionally connected:) Hooray :)

So have a little look at the beautiful pre-wedding shoot below. We managed to get some gorgeous backlight which added a real magic to the photos. Really looking forward to shooting this wedding at The Manor House Hotel,  Moreton in Marsh in July 2017.




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Hannah Jones
April 22, 2017
I am beyond thrilled with our preshoot pics! Mark and I are usually so uncomfortable having our picture taken but Tanli put us totally at ease, we can now sail into our wedding knowing our photographer is a complete superstar and can be 100% confident that she will capture the day exactly as we want to remember it!