My approach to pre wedding shoots is all about connection and enabling you, as a couple, to interact naturally in front of the camera and thoroughly enjoy the experience. My aim is NOT to run through a series of pretty ‘poses’ in a pretty location. I focus on light, natural connections and drawing out your personalities easily. I don’t want you to ever feel awkward or disconnected from each other. One of the best rewards as a photographer is starting a shoot where 99% of my couples tell me they ‘don’t know what to do’ or they ‘do not like the camera’ and then watching them relax and evolve into a couple that is thoroughly loving their shoot and embracing the emotion of it. I often get home, after having done a pre wedding shoot, and receive messages telling me that they ‘loved it so much’, ‘can’t stop talking about it’ and that the ‘experience was better than a date’. And I genuinely see why. We talk about connections; we talk about what you love about each other. We talk about your past and your future, where you want to be one day with each other. We even talk about what annoys you about each other and I often have couples crying from laughter at this point. It’s all about connection. Connecting with each other and connecting with me. Being able to put your guard down and totally relax in front of the camera. The result is beautiful emotive images drenched in personality and good light. Always the good light : )

Is a pre wedding shoot important? Do you really need one? ...

A pre wedding shoot lays a really valuable foundation for your wedding day photos, where we often have limited time on the day, but having done the pre wed you both understand my shooting method and we are able to get emotive relaxed images easily in a short space of time. If you have booked a wedding with me and not booked a pre wedding shoot, I have a lovely offer on at the moment, so please message me for more information. It will be a hugely positive and enjoyable experience for you. Better than a date, so I’m told : )


I am SO glad we’re not meeting you for the first time on our wedding day - we were both feeling pretty apprehensive to start with when we first met you for this shoot, but we ended up having so much more fun than we were anticipating. It ended up feeling more like a date than a photo shoot, and it was so lovely to spend time with each other and focus on the reasons we love each other. We went home feeling so happy and confident in our decisions to have your shoot our wedding . Thank you so much 

~ EMILY and John

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