I never thought I’d see the day that hand sanitiser and face masks became essential items for a wedding day! This perfect Cripps Barn micro wedding was such a pleasure to photograph and be a part of. Even though the numbers were small the love was mighty!  This was the first ‘micro wedding’ that I photographed and I have gone  on to shoot many more whilst restrictions were partially lifted . I have to say that micro weddings are amazing! They are so full of love , intimacy and warmth .

From a photography point of view, I also get to spend more time with my couples on their portrait photographs as there is no rush to get back for a meal.  I took a leisurely walk with Jess and Dann  for thier Cripps Barn micro wedding, and we went up the driveway which is a part of Cripps Barn that I absolutely love, and we ended off on the big hill opposite the barn. It was such a relaxed easy walk and I just love the photos. I have found micro weddings to be incredibly enjoyable and fun, and whilst i miss the ‘big weddings’, the smaller ones are just as amazing.

Hi Tanli,
Thank you so much for our beautiful photos!

We can’t stop looking at them. You really captured our emotions of the day – just sheer joy that we were still able to still go ahead with our marriage!

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