A colourful Hyde Barn wedding …

I met Antony and Christina for a coffee in Cirencester and whilst I listened to their Hyde barn wedding day plans, I was secretly hoping they would book me. They are a lovely couple and having a German and Ukrainian background between them, meant they were incorporating a few colorful traditions into their wedding day which I really wanted to be a part of. On the walk home, I was really hoping to get the e-mail to say they wanted to book me….which happily I received the next day. The next time we met was for their pre-wedding shoot in Cirencester, which was totally fabulous, relaxed and so easy.

A bit of rain on the Big day ….

Most wedding photographers will agree that ‘rain on your wedding day’ is not exactly ideal ….just like bright sun is not ideal either…yup, you heard me right…..bright sun is NOT great either..we are just never happy it seems. Ideally, on your wedding day we want to have a lovely cloudy day which will bathe everyone’s skin in a soft even light free of bright highlights and strong contrasts. We don’t always get what we want of course, but best case scenario we would like the sky to be one big soft box :) Rain was forecast for Antony and Christina’s Hyde Barn wedding, but thankfully it held off for most of the morning and we only had a few short showers after the ceremony.

Preparations at Hyde Barn went really well and I managed to spend a bit of time with both Christina and Antony whilst they got ready. Christina was a joy to photograph getting ready, relaxed and  surrounded by her bridesmaids . The bridal room at Hyde Barn is also a real pleasure to work in as there are numerous skylight windows which let in gorgeous natural light. Antony was getting ready at Hyde House in the company of his best friend and groomsmaid . I do enjoy photographing bridal prep and feeling the excitement of the day build.

Shortly before midday I left Hyde Barn and made my way over to the absolutely picturesque village of Lower Slaughter to St Mary’s church, which is where Antony and Christina had chosen to get married. Lower Slaughter is possibly one of the most beautiful Cotswold villages and I was looking forward to getting to the bride and groom portrait shots and really hoping the rain would hold off.  Guests began arriving and taking their place and Antony waited patiently for Christina to make her entrance. The wedding ceremony was absolutely lovely and St Mary’s Church provided a truly beautiful venue.  The wedding ceremony was followed by an old German wedding tradition where a bed sheet is strung up and a large heart shape is painted to the front of it. The bride and groom each get a pair of scissors and have to cut around each side of the heart and meet in the middle. They both walk through the heart as Husband and Wife.

Lower Slaughter wedding photos in the sun after the rain ……

The heavens had been moody and dark up until now and they opened for a short brief shower. The guests huddled under some cover and we waited for it to pass, and in true English style, the sun was out about twenty minutes later. We spent a short time taking the bride and groom portrait photos in Lower Slaughter which was a really lovely experience in this quintessentially English village. Next it was time to head back to Hyde Barn for the reception.

Hyde Barn wedding reception …

Once back at Hyde Barn, the guests enjoyed the beautiful outside space whilst waiting for the wedding breakfast to begin.  Before announcing Antony and Christina to the room, the parents of the bride and groom meet the newlyweds at the door to offer them bread, salt, honey and wine as part of the Ukrainian tradition. Antony and Christina were then announced into the room and the wedding breakfast could begin. As with all weddings, the speeches are always amazing to listen to and everyone gets a little teary, including me!  I’m extremely sentimental so I do find the speeches very emotional and can often be found having a cry behind my camera…. :(

Hyde Barn wedding sunset ….

Just before the First Dance, we headed off into the nearby field for the much anticipated sunset shot.  As all wedding photographers will probably agree, there is a fine line with taking the photo too soon or waiting too long and missing the moment all together. It’s always a little tricky to gauge but we managed it so perfectly with Antony and Christina. I also have to mention that it was a real pleasure working with George and Phil from Lucky Feather Wedding Films and it was so refreshing to work with Videographers that had a similar style to my own.  There are times during a wedding day, such as the shoot at sunset, where the moments are intimate and it’s really important for everyone to respect that intimacy and not try and manipulate it. George and Phil had a lovely relaxed attitude and were just fabulous to work with and I’d very much love to do more weddings with them!

Hyde Barn wedding First dance …

Wow, I have to mention how amazing the wedding band was! The Highlanders are an exceptional Scots Ceilidh & Reeling Band with an unmatched reputation for brilliant, dynamic and professional performances of Scottish music and they really had every single person involved in the dancing. It was truly fabulous to witness, young and old on the dance floor having an amazing time.  All in all an epic Hyde Barn wedding (and my very first wedding at this gorgeous venue) that I don’t think could have gone any better. Wishing Antony and Christina an infinity of happiness together !

And a big mention to all the suppliers who contributed to the success of the day …

Videographer: Lucky Feather Wedding Films -(contact George or Phil)

Flowers: ‘Flowers by Kirsty‘ –  (contact either Kirsty or Rebecca)

Dress: ‘Something Old Something New‘ –  (contact Rochelle)

Makeup: ‘Makeup & Beauty by Abbie‘ –  (contact Abbie)

Hair: ‘Wedding Hair Boutique‘ ( located in Thame) (contact Mandy)

Wedding car: ‘Pegasus Wedding Cars‘ – (contact Bill)

Band: ‘The Highlanders‘ –  (contact Donald)

Brownies: Made by the GROOM!

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