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I love photography. I love people. I love shooting weddings and meeting all the interesting and wonderful characters that come with them .

I’m ridiculously sentimental and I see emotion in the tiniest of  things. I have experienced a fair amount of loss in my life, so I really do value the importance of family, relationships and friendships and I put my heart and soul into documenting that for you.

I absolutely love ‘LOVE’ and photographing it in in ALL its forms.

I figure choosing a Cotswolds wedding photographer is not just based on the actual photographs but also a little on the personality that you are going to spend most of your day with.



my name

I used to be a competitive showjumper and dressage rider and had 2 horses.. I miss them terribly and yearn to ride again.

I also used to be a Marketing Manager, but I don’t miss that at all!

I’m Tanli (pronounced like Stanley but without the ‘S’ ). My parents made up my name…on the spot..no  exotic origin .  My mum thought I was going to be a boy and had settled on the name ‘Russel’, but turns out, I wasn’t a boy and they had to think of a new name,  pronto!


'Legends of the Fall' , followed closely by 'The Last Of the Mohicans', or maybe 'The English Patient'...I can't decide!

where am i from?

I am South African. I left the heat and the dust and the expanse of beautiful Africa and moved to the green and old and cold of the beautiful Cotswolds ,UK. I miss Africa and waking up to 32 degrees at 8 am on a Sunday morning. I love England and now wear ‘jumpers’ ….a lot.


'If the Sun Doesn't Kill You The Washing Machine Will'..by Peter Wood.

i'm addicted to



Lip Balm

Gang Jeans


Fly London Boots

Sun, sand and warm oceans...

I have 2 cats, Kodak and Agfa. I love Kodak slightly more than I love Agfa, but thankfully Agfa cannot read this!

I also have 2 children, but love them both the same!



we hate the camera! how will you be able to make us relax and feel more natural?

99.9% of couples feel this way. I believe that photos should reflect personalities, and the process of creating beautiful photographs should be a fun one. I stay away from 'awkward static' poses and I encourage you to move and interact with each other. A lot of my photographs that you see on my web site, couples are actually walking and just engaging with each other. In fact, some of my favourite photos, couples are not even looking at the camera.

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do you back up the images? what happens if you have equipment failure?

I shoot with 2 cameras on the day and have 2 spare in my camera bag. Whilst I shoot, the images are backed up onto an extra card in the camera and as soon as I get home, I back them up again. I don't format my camera card until the images have been delivered to you.


what happens if you are unwell and can't shoot our wedding?

So far this has never happened to me but if it did, I have a fabulous network of photographers who would be very supportive and step in for me in that unforeseen circumstance!



Once I leave your wedding, I come home and back up your images and then import them into Lightroom. I will then pick out a handful for you within 48 hours, which you will be able to share on social media or send to guests. The entire gallery of fully edited images takes between 4 - 8 weeks depending on the time of year and those are delivered to you via a very chic online gallery that is password protected. You are able to download your images , share them with friends and order prints all through the gallery itself. Very easy!


will you spend hours photographing groups and us as a couple?

No! 95% of your day is shot unobtrusively, using a ‘documentary style’ approach. I blend in and shoot the day as it unfolds. I don’t boss you about and I don’t take over.  I want to shoot the day as it ‘felt’ and deliver a gallery filled with authentic, emotive, fun and creative images of you and your loved ones enjoying the day.

The 5% that is not documentary , is the bit where I shoot your family group photos and your couple portrait photos. My approach here is equally relaxed. For the group shots, I ask you for a list beforehand, and I whizz through them all in about 30 minutes. I know how important these photos are to you and they do become a very treasured part of your wedding gallery, but I’m also aware that weddings are for getting together and not for spending hours on photographs.

For the couple portrait shots, we walk , look for great light and I shoot. Its super easy. I don't keep you away from your guests for long, and if time and weather allows, I do spend a bit more time with you as a couple after your reception.


this sounds great! how do we book you? what is the process?

The FIRST thing to do is to send me a message using my online contact form. I will then respond to you , letting you know if I'm available on your date. If I am, and you would like to chat to me before booking, we can schedule in a Video call when it works for you. Once that's done, and you are happy to book me, I require a booking fee of £300 which secures your date with me. I'll send you your booking fee invoice, along with my wedding agreement for you to read through and sign. And that's it! Once the booking fee is paid, your date is secured with me!

I look forward to hearing from you,

Best Wishes, Tanli