The benefits of a pre wedding shoot

My pre wedding shoots are totally unique.  I’ve had many an anxious groom arrive and tell me he ‘hates having his photo taken’ and has reluctantly agreed to ‘this pre wedding shoot’ and has envisioned an awkward and tortuous experience ahead, only to be told an hour later that ‘it was so much more fun and so much easier than he thought it was going to be”. I’ve had a few couples even mention that the pre wed was MORE enjoyable than going on a date together (Yup…it’s true..I kid you not ! ). The secret to my pre wedding shoot is… NO POSING AT ALL. No awkward cheesy poses where you will look back at your ‘pretty ‘ photos and remember how uncomfortable you felt at the time. No, they are easy and relaxed and I allow you to interact with each other in a natural way encouraging your individual personalities to shine through. No posing.  Nada! And I’ve got a 100% success rate of taking couples that are very anxious about the camera and turning them into couples that thoroughly loved the session and are in love , not only with their photos, but with the process of making them.

I do also give you lots of valuable little tips and tricks in the shoot that become very helpful on wedding day too. It also gives us a chance to meet each other and build that lovely rapport that makes it easy for you to feel comfortable around me and be yourselves on wedding day. The pre wedding shoot is a hugely positive experience for all my couples and really does help them to relax in front of the camera and be ‘themselves’.

Just have a look at theses gorgeous examples below. Every single one of these couples was not thrilled at the idea of having their photo taken and none of them look awkward in the slightest. Just book it. Its another positive tool in your wedding day arsenal : ) To get in touch, click HERE


Oh wow! These are amazing!! Thank you so, so much Tanli! The photos are gorgeous – and has made us so much less nervous about being photographed on the day next June. Thank you so much for calming our (or my!) nerves :) 

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