reportage wedding photography


Hello! I’m Tanli, A Cotswold based wedding photographer offering a wonderful mix of reportage wedding photography plus gorgeous ‘oh so natural’ and flattering couple portraits! Did you know that 95% of the day is spent capturing your wedding ‘reportage style’? Reportage wedding photography, also known as documentary or photojournalistic wedding photography, focuses on capturing candid and spontaneous moments throughout the wedding day. This style emphasizes storytelling, aiming to narrate the events as they unfold naturally, without intervention or posing. These natural, candid and emotive images make up the bulk of your wedding gallery and I think most modern contemporary wedding photographers shoot in this manner.

The other 5% of the day, the bit that needs some ‘direction’ from a photographer is the family group shots and your couple portrait photos. I realise how important family photos are to you and I’m happy to dedicate time to getting these shots in a fun and relaxed way. When it comes to couple portrait photos I keep this very easy and relaxed for you. My focus for this portion of the day is to look for beautiful light and encourage you to interact naturally in that light. I understand you want photos that are natural looking but still flattering, so I encourage natural interaction but also offer a little direction if you need it. I feel this blend of 95% reportage wedding photography combined with flattering beautiful portraits, is the perfect balance for a wedding photographer.

I genuinely love being a wedding photographer! I’m old enough (ahem!!!) to have experienced a few other professions in my past, and nothing has given me the amazing work/life balance that this wonderful line of work does. Being a Cotswold wedding photographer, is not just about photographing weddings, it’s about community too. I treasure the relationships I have built with my wonderful couples, the venues I work at and the other wedding suppliers that I work alongside. We are all part of this magical community that celebrates love in all it’s different forms.


Rounding up 2022 has been next to impossible! Trying to decide on what images to show has been harder than shooting all of them! During the year, I post regularly on instagram, but I tend to focus more on my ‘couple time’ portraits and neglect to post enough of the ‘other 95% of the day’. I have decided, for this blog post, to include JUST those. So, here’s MY toast to 2022..the year that was ‘crazy in love’!

Thank you to my amazing couples! Its an arduous task to choose a Cotswold wedding photographer and I’m so honoured that my couples chose me. One of my favourite photo sessions this year was for a couple whose wedding I photographed in 2020 and who travelled from London two years later for a family photo session with their new family addition. I felt quite emotional after that session, as it served as a stark reminder that this profession involves more than just the day we photograph your wedding.


Being a Cotswold reportage wedding photographer, means I get booked up very quickly as the Cotswolds is a highly sought after location for weddings. It’s a true hot spot, just like London is, so if you have secured your date and venue, I’d love to hear from you and chat about your wedding day plans.