What is a pre wedding shoot? …

To give you a hint, a pre wedding shoot does not involve photos taken of the bride getting ready:) That, my friend, in wedding photography circles, is known as ‘bridal prep’ and includes all those gorgeous and candid shots of the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready. Bridal prep will include photos of the bride having her makeup and hair done, sharing a glass of pre-wedding bubbly with her bridesmaids and the general buzz and excitement of the build up to the wedding. Kinda like the ones below. The bridal prep photos take place on the day of the wedding, just a few hours before the couple says ‘I do’.


So, what then exactly is a ‘pre wedding shoot‘? A pre wedding shoot takes place a few months before your actual wedding day , and I find it to be a very valuable tool that assists me in getting naturally beautiful and authentic images of you on your wedding day. I love my pre wedding shoots and I can honestly say I wake up with a happy heart when I have one scheduled. I enjoy them so much for a  number of reasons…

To shoot or not to shoot…

Firstly, I’m always excited to spend some time with the couples that have chosen me as their wedding photographer.  I love to hear how they met, what they truly love about each other (yes, I will ask you that on your shoot but in a fun ‘non-creepy’ kinda way!) and some of their fun memorable moments that they have shared together as a couple. It’s a great way for me to get to know you , and equally important ,  for you to get to know me.  My shoots are so relaxed and easy and once we have completed your pre wedding shoot, I will be a familiar friendly face arriving on your wedding day.

real emotions and genuine smiles …

Secondly, a pre wedding shoot prepares you for how I work as a photographer. I have a really creative and clever method of evoking natural reactions and spontaneous moments on my shoots. I use this method with families and couples alike, and many of my comments from my brides mention the words, ‘natural‘ and ‘relaxed‘ whether its a review of my work or what drew them to me in the first place. I’m a firm believer that part of my success as a photographer is due to how I make people feel. I’m incredibly easy to get on with and I’m genuinely interested in you and your story. I don’t ask you for stiff forced poses but I do still direct you in a fun , relaxed and creative way.  I love to capture real emotions and genuine smiles….and authenticity is key for me in taking a great shot……but in good light, of course:) Sometimes I’ve been heard to say, ‘that’s lovely, i love it, come over here and do it again in good light’ Ha Ha :) Always the good light.  Seriously though, a pre wedding shoot will familiarize you with the camera and get you comfortable in front of it.

have a little faith in me …

Thirdly, (oh yea, I have loads of reason to love these shoots) it instills confidence in me as your  wedding photographer. Once you see your gorgeous gallery of pre wedding shoot photos, you will feel much more confident in my abilities on your wedding day and this will help to make you more relaxed and naturally engaged with the camera.

wedding paraphernalia …

And last, but not least of course, a pre wedding shoot provides a dizzying selection of images that can be used for ‘save the date’ cardssigning frames, wedding invitations, announcements, table place settings and guestbooks. A bespoke guestbook, utilising your favourite images from your pre wedding shoot , is a truly special wedding keepsake and will be an item of memorabilia that will delight you for years to come.


So, that’s it really. Four great reasons to book a pre wedding shoot, or take advantage of the one already included in your wedding package. I cant begin to explain how many of my couples have met with me over coffee and being hesitant about taking the pre wedding shoot on offer. I have comments such as, ‘I dont like having my photo taken‘, ‘I get so awkward in front of the camera‘ and even sometimes, ‘Do we have to have the pre wedding shoot’? So, in closing here are some words from those same couples on the other side of their pre wedding shoot:)

Wow, these pictures are stunning!!! We’re soooo pleased with them – all beautifully taken and you definitely brought out our best sides! I love the pictures on the bridge with the effect of the water beneath us.It was really lovely to meet you on Saturday – thanks so much for taking the time to take these beautiful pictures and for putting us at ease so quickly!

Sarah and Viv

Thank you for your email. I absolutely love the photos!! Thank you so so much for taking such beautiful photos of us both, who knew we could look so good :) Can’t wait for the big day! Thanks again for everything that you are doing, you truly are wonderful photographer :)

Ruth and Matt

Aww wow! We love the pics! Thanks so much! What a lovely thing to have! :)

Jenny and Daniel

The photos are fab!!!!! Thank you so much!  “

Jo and Will

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